What is Japan’s Omake culture with NFTs like?

4 min readMar 1, 2023


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The Japanese term “Omake” usually means “reducing the price of a particular product that a customer purchases or offering a free item with purchase.

The history of Omake dates back to the Edo period starting in 1603. During the Edo period, when ordinary people couldn’t afford travel, medicine peddlers who traveled throughout Japan, as typified by the Toyama medicine peddlers, provided their customers with information about various regions and local souvenirs as Omake to their medicines. The print arts of medicine peddling from the late Edo period to the Meiji period were particularly famous. The medicine peddlers also provided toys such as paper balloons for children.

Source: www.sugataresearch.com

When someone hears the word “Omake,” they probably think, “buy one, get one for free,” or “get a free product sample when purchasing a particular item” often seen in South Korea. Japan has a popular trend, convenience store lotteries, derived from the Omake culture. Convenience store lottery tickets have been sold at convenience stores in Japan since 2003. They are no-lose lotteries for character goods.

In many cases, the lotteries feature famous IPs (Intellectual Properties), and many of the most popular items from the lotteries will be sold at high prices on auction websites. Usually, the prize is a tangible item such as a character figure, card, or tableware.

Our roadmap for 2023 includes a convenience store lottery NFT project.

What if we collaborate with a video game IP, and you can get random IP-NFTs by drawing lottery tickets at the cash register, and then use the NFTs in the video game? Some prizes will be rare and limited to a certain convenience store, like “a certain number of rare cards only available at that convenience store” or “NFTs only available at that store,” so that people find collecting those items worth trying.

And like Pokémon GO and STEPN, users will need to take actions in the physical world, such as moving their bodies to the convenience store and drawing lottery tickets.

PREMA will be a bridge between the real and virtual worlds.

With the leading service, PREMA X, which is an NFT marketplace, PREMA is a platform that links: an URL (UnReal Life, the unreal world) such as metaverse and blockchain games where users can use their NFTs utilizing PREMA Wallet and the traceability system; and IRL (In Real Life, the real world) such as physical products and real places.

With PREMA, you can sell NFTs that are rare or that you no longer need, just as you win something unwanted in a lottery and eventually sell it at auction. In other words, the PREMA platform allows users to do everything they want with NFTs in one place.

By partnering with convenience stores, which have a tremendous number of customers from different generations, PREMA will reach out to people unfamiliar with crypto, and contribute to raising the level of the crypto industry.

Additionally, we will create an accessible, safe, and more exciting modern toy culture by making the most of cutting-edge technologies, such as NFC and AQR, used in the PREMA platform.

We will continue our efforts to provide beneficial and indispensable services to our users.

NFC technology
AQR technology

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