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There is a service called NBA TOP SHOT that allows you to own highlights of NBA basketball players’ gameplay as NFT.

If you deal with NFTs, there are few people who don’t know about this.

While the familiar real-life trading cards feature still images of players shooting or dribbling, NBA TOP SHOT offers digital cards of player “highlight videos” in the form of NFTs.

In April 2021, a card of the popular player LeBron James was sold for the high price of $387,600 (42.3 million JPY at that time), and if you look into TOP SHOT, the video is basically a flat 2D image.

The images are often shown from the viewpoint of live broadcasts and spectators, giving the viewer a realistic feeling as if he/she is watching a match in real-time, and at the same time, since they are highlights, only the best parts of the NFT are condensed.

In contrast, there is a service we launched last year called The JUDO COLLECA.

It is a trading card that uses volumetric technology developed by Canon MJ.

With these trading cards of judo athletes, you can view the athlete’s famous scenes from any angle in 3D with a three-dimensional feel.
The NBA TOP SHOT mentioned above is a 2D highlight video, but it is more than exciting enough, so we are confident that the NFT that allows users to view the game from various perspectives in 3D will provide an unprecedented sense of realism to sports NFT.

In addition, for example, at a real judo event, NFTs of athletes’ past highlights, event-exclusive NFTs, and videos of the moment they won the tournament can be distributed exclusively to visitors to the event.

By distributing video NFTs of the moment of victory at a tournament, etc., exclusively to visitors to the event, we are seeking ways to use this information to enhance the value of the event experience for visitors and allow them to enjoy the sport both in real and virtual life.

PREMA platform allows transactions such as buying, selling, and exchanging NFTs. Visitors who were unable to obtain the NFTs of their favorite players can also obtain them through trading on the PREMA platform. The commemorative NFTs mentioned above, in particular, may become a much sought-after item for core fans.

We aim to connect the real and virtual through Web3.

As mentioned earlier, NFTs acquired at an event can be used as tickets to another event or as vouchers to purchase products. It is also possible to have a specific NFT holder Airdrop an invitation NFT to a separate event. For example, how about a clinic event for children, in which the holders of limited-edition NFT tickets distributed at a judo event can participate?

At the clinic events, popular players will come and teach the children directly, so children will have the incentive to attend the event first to obtain the limited edition NFTs. PREMA will become an indispensable tool.

In such a way, PREMA will create a future in which the real world and the virtual world are connected by web3 and NFTs, creating a chain of emotions.

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