[Recap] AMA with Gate.io (Mar 3, 2023)

6 min readMar 6, 2023

Gate.io CM of Jhazzy hosted an AMA with Masahiro Kawakami, Founder and CEO at @prema_en where they discuss URLs & Web3.

💠 Venue: http://t.me/gateio_en
💠 Time: 11:00 UTC | 3rd Mar 2023

This AMA went on in 3 segments:

  1. Q & A between the guest and the host
  2. Answering 3 questions from Twitter
  3. Live questions from the audience

Based article:

Have you heard of the popular Japanese Comedians’ Collectable Card?

*This is an AMA on the subjects of “What Prema Can do” articles. We are planning future similar AMAs. Please read the articles with this tag!

💬 Q & A between the guest and the host

— Can you please introduce your project briefly?

The PREMA platform is centered on PREMA X, an NFT marketplace, and uses the PREMA Wallet and traceability system to connect NFTs with the places where they are used, such as URLs (UnReal Life, the unreal world) such as metaverse blockchain games and IRLs (In Real Life, the real world) such as physical products and spaces.

With the launch of the PREMA platform coming up in Q3 2023, we are currently focusing on the development of core technologies (NFC and AQR), PREMA chain development, NFT product development, and so on.

— Could you also tell us briefly about the token?

PREMA tokens will be the value foundation supporting the PREMA platform, where anyone can access the necessary utilities of URLs and IRLs at any time.
It will also function as the native token of the said blockchain as soon as the development of the PREMA chain is completed in the future.

As of February 2023, it is traded on 10 exchanges.

— What are you going to talk about today?

Today, I will talk about what our projects and the products we plan to develop will enable in the future.

— And what is today’s specific theme?

One of the our achievement — Collectable Card of popular Japanese Comedians’. This is an example of how you can support your favorite comedian in a new format through the technology applied by the PREMA platform, and how we can propose a way to develop merchandise tied to the NFT.

— As mentioned earlier, today’s AMA is based on this article ;

Have you heard of the popular Japanese Comedians’ Collectable Card?

I hope you guys have read it in advance. And to wrap it up before we proceed to questions from twitter, could you summarize this article for us?

First, this popular series of NFT trading cards of comedians allows a portion of the proceeds from each NFT to be returned to the rights holders; the more active the trading, the more you can support favorite comedians.

Second, Prema’s key technology, NFC technology, allows devices to make contact at close range to obtain NFT.

This makes it possible to obtain one-of-a-kind items or to use them as a special utility at events.

And, AQR technology also enables secure transactions via QR codes, allowing content holders to use existing card packs and toy sales channels to sell NFTs.

NFC technology and AQR technology

Using the two previously mentioned technologies, this trading card not only lowers the threshold to NFT, but also allows for combined real and virtual events! Hope you to understand our project.

🐦Answering 3 questions from Twitter

— Could you tell us a little about the “your token” that is used by you in your ecosystem, i.e. How it works, what kind of utilities and benefits it provides to users, and in fact how it contributes to the growth and progress of your ecosystem right now and in the near future?

The PREMA token will be the value foundation supporting the PREMA platform, which allows anyone to access the necessary utilities of the URL/IRL at any time. It will also serve as the native token of the said blockchain as soon as the development of the PREMA chain is completed in the future. The NFT Collection Cards of Comedians, introduced today, is a popular series of cards that has sold more than 2 million cards up to the third series released so far. Utilizing proprietary technology, the cards are expected to have high utility as NFTs with inherent value. This product is deeply related to PREMA’s core concept of “connecting the real world with the virtual world.

— How can we acquire NFT? How this NFT be valuable once we have it? Is it possible that this project will conduct an airdrop for NFT Holders as sign of appreciation for the supporters of Prema?

Our NFT Collection Cards can ‘connect the real and virtual worlds.
For example, we can provide visitors with limited-edition NFT collection cards that can only be obtained at the venue of a comedian’s event, utilizing our proprietary NFC and AQR technologies that we have described today.

It would also be possible to make this NFT function as a ticket or product purchase coupon for a different event, or to Airdrop different limited edition NFTs to their owners.

— I am a crypto investor and I only care about the prospect of a project that I choose, tell me the reason why I should choose PREMA ? What is your advantage to other WEB3 projects that can convince me to change from my favorite one?

For example, as mentioned in the article, limited edition NFTs available at real event venues remind us of the fun of the event and the enthusiasm for the guess. Our project will employ innovative technologies, while also using web3, to provide users with a new experience in which the URL (UnReal Life) and the IRL (In Real Life) are inseparably connected!

🙋Live questions from the audience

— Are you going to release only with Japanese comedians or Japanese stars, or do you plan to go international? Do you plan to issue cards with stars from other countries?

Thanks for the interesting question.
We have collaborated not only with Japanese but also with Korean idols and others. We are planning to increase the number of collaborations both domestically and internationally so that we can be a bridge between Japan and the rest of the world.

— Since NFT is popular nowadays, is there a plan for NFT integration?

We also publish NFT in collaboration with comedians as well as athletes and idols.
Many other IPs and collaborations are planned.

— Of all the NFTs and design all over the world, why $PREMA come up in partnering with the Japanese Comedians’ Collectable Card?

Although the comedian introduced today was a Japanese comedian, we have collaborated with various IPs in Japan and abroad. However, NFT is not yet widespread in Japan, so our goal is to make Prema an NFT platform that is accepted around the world and in Japan.

— What features/improvements are you planning to add to your products in the near future?

We continue to publish articles on Medium about features that can be implemented in PREMA.
Please check tagged article “What Prema Can Do” !

— What’s your main focus right now, are you focused on the community or market/Exchange or the products?

Right now we are very focused on product development. but we are also going to focus on exchanges and other tokens as well. I am very excited to show you the future, Lets Enjoy ,Fam.

By the way, we got 1,500+ questions at the live question!

Thanks to all who participated! 🥳

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— Thank you for reading.

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