[Recap-2/3] AMA Session with Chris Sinkey x CEO of PREMA! (Feb 1, 2023)

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Prema CEO, Masahiro Kawakami was hosted an AMA by Former Bittrex CBO Chris Sinkey🎉✨

DATE: 1 February 2023
TIME: 2 PM Pacific Time
Venue: https://t.me/OfficialPREMA
Questions from the audience were selected via Twitter & live segments.

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Q&A from Chris Sinkey (cont.)

— What’s the deflation Mechanism that PREMA implements?

With the total amount of PREMA tokens issued limited to 100 billion, the circulating supply of PREMA tokens will be reduced as more users lock to enjoy the above utilities. The services available on our platform will expand in the future, and the utility of PREMA tokens will expand accordingly.

In addition, we plan to attract a number of company-operated projects to the PREMA platform, and we expect to use our capital strength to lock in large amounts for large-scale marketing activities.

As a result, $PRMX will be bought from the market, a mechanism that will maintain and improve prices.

— Could you tell us more about the NFT marketplace called PREMA X?

PREMA X is a marketplace for NFTs, and the PREMA Wallet provides a one-tap connection to PREMA X, allowing users to buy, sell, and exchange NFTs without the need to understand the blockchain. Existing users can also use their existing wallets, such as Metamask, to access PREMA X without having to change their environment.

All operations on PREMA X are designed to be performed via smart contracts, so there is no human error in the process and no need for complicated management.

Also, the operation is simple, and users can issue NFTs simply by registering the digital data they wish to sell from the creation page. In addition to selling at a specific price, the system also supports an auction format. NFTs from stores that are linked to the comprehensive NFT market are sold in the comprehensive NFT market at the same time as they are sold in the stores.

In addition, NFTs can be easily created on PREMA X, as well as by using proprietary contracts.

— We would love to know what you would consider your achievements have been up to today… could you tell us more?

Our latest update $PRMX Token is available on the following wallets!

“Japanese boy group Digital Cards” are NFT digital trading cards featuring it, a Japanese global male idol group. There are two ways to obtain NFTs: by accessing the Japanese boy idol group Card Store via browser or application (iOS/Android), or by scanning the QR code enclosed in the music CD with the dedicated application.

In addition, “Japanese Comedians Collectable Card” is an NFT trading card featuring famous Japanese comedians. NFTs can be acquired by accessing and purchasing from the Japanese Comedians Collectable Card Store via a browser or application (iOS/Android), or by scanning this Japanese comedians QR card. A portion of the proceeds from the distribution market of such NFTs is returned to the rights holders, and the more active the trading is, the more comedians can be supported.

Both products also allow for Fiat payments without crypto assets, making it easy for users to use the service.

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