Proof of value and Ownership Implemented by NFT Technology Provided to Top Quality Cognac “Six”

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The finest cognac with an age of over 50 years. NFT release limited to 500 bottles.

NFT and blockchain technology to prove the value and ownership in the “Six x NFT” project for the top cognac brand “Six”.

About Six

“Six” is a top-quality cognac that has been aged for more than 50 years. It has a floral aroma, a strong and elegant taste, and a supple and long finish. Château de Montifaud is one of the few producers that can call themselves a “Chateau” and conduct all the processes from grape cultivation to bottling in house.

While preserving the techniques of private distillation that have been handed down from the time of the company’s founding to the sixth generation, the current owner, Laurent Vallee, has pursued even higher quality, and the taste of the products he produces is attracting attention around the world.

<Basic Information>

Product name:Six

Volume: 750ml

Alcohol content: 40

Sales quantity: Limited to 500 bottles

Sales method: Internet NFT sales

First sales period:

March 21 (Tuesday, holiday) 21:30 — April 4 (Tuesday) 23:59

How to purchase: Sold by lottery after application on the special website

*See sales form below

Price: 3,600,000 yen (tax included)

Includes Six, NFT purchase certificate, and NFT Owner’s Club membership card.

Sales receipt form:

Official HP:

Image movie:

About the “Six x NFT” project

Many luxury and rare items are difficult to prove their authenticity.

The “Six × NFT” project addresses this problem by using NFT and blockchain technology to link products with NFT certificates to prove authenticity and ownership in the sale of “Six.

This project utilizes blockchain and NFT technology to provide proof of the rarity and authenticity of the finest limited edition cognacs.

Each of the 500 limited edition bottles will be engraved with a serial number from 1 to 500, and an NFT certificate with the same number as the serial number will be issued and sold.

The NFT Certificate will serve as proof of ownership as well as proof of authenticity of the product, which can be kept with the actual “Six” or sold on the NFT market “PREMA” for secondary distribution (resale) as an NFT without the actual product.

In addition to the NFT proof of purchase, Six owners will be issued an NFT membership card for the “Six Owners Club”.

Five privileges are available to members of the Owners Club.

Benefit 1: Invitations to Closed Events around the world

Exclusive one-night-only events will be held exclusively for the Six Owners Club, inviting luxurious guests.

Benefit 2: Invitation to a Special Tasting

You are invited to a pre-launch tasting of the new Six series!

Benefit 3:Access to “Six Bar” for Owner’s Club members only

Access to the luxurious “Six Bar,” an exclusive space for Owner’s Club members in Tokyo.

*Details are available to Owners Club members only.

Privilege 4: Owner’s Club NFT membership card

NFT membership card will be provided free of charge to Owner’s Club members.

The one and only membership card will be issued to each and every one of you.

Privilege 5: Other special offers

・Right to pre-purchase the new Six series

・Invitation to the Six new series product launch

・Owner’s Club exclusive credit card

・Owner’s Club exclusive space travel experience

・Right to participate in Six new projects

・Access to limited sales

・Secondary distribution of NFT

<Project initiator: Mr. Mizutani commented>

This is the first project in Japan to fuse NFT, a content of our time, with the historical cognac that has been aged for over 50 years. Cognac is a French liquor, so it is not made in Japan, but it is a Japanese brand with our original concoction and named “Six”. And this is the moment when Japan’s first* cognac brand was born, and this project is also historic because it is the first of its kind in Japan, from Japan to the world. (*Surveyed by Sugiyama Shokai Co.)

About Sugiyama Shokai Co.

Thanks and Respect

We are grateful for each and every relationship we have with any person without forgetting to respect them.

Business is about people. We are able to do business because of the relationships we have with various people.

I believe that respecting others and benefiting others will benefit me.

We will do our best to make everyone happy.

We look forward to working with you.

Name: Sugiyama Shokai Co.

Establishment: July 1, 1980

Location: 2–17–2 Hanaike, Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture

Business activities: Wholesale and retail import/export of alcoholic beverages and mail order business, authorized distributor of Fabio Lamborghini,

Sales of supplements, planning and development of blockchain-related digital content, etc.


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Six official HP:

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