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5 min readFeb 28, 2023


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What comes to mind when you hear the term “blockchain game”?

Some of the world’s most famous titles include “Sorare”.

It is a game in which players collect cards of athletes to form teams and compete with other players based on scores given according to each athlete’s performance in the real world. The game has official contracts with sports teams worldwide. The results of real-world games and the success of the players will determine which teams win and lose in Sorare. This allows users to enjoy sports from both physical and virtual perspectives.

Connecting the Real and the Virtual — This is an essential part of our project.

We are currently developing and plan to launch several original blockchain games (BCG), one of which is “PIAS”, a game in which users produce NFT crops, which will be then purchased by consumers through the PREMA platform to receive primary industry’s products in the physical world.

The BCG was born out of the desire to make blockchain technology accessible to people and to contribute to solving the coming social issue: food shortages and a portion of the proceeds from the game will be returned to farmers in the physical world. In other words, users can contribute to society while playing the game.

However, in order to make it easier for users to have innovative experiences while moving between the real and virtual worlds, there are still many obstacles to applying blockchain technology, such as user experience (UX) and funds.

In terms of UX, PREMA has adopted AQR (Anything Quick Response) and NFC (Near Field Communication) in order to create a system that does not require complex operations for NFT transactions. AQR is a patented technology of A・T Communications Co., Ltd, and is a next-generation QR code with high security that allows and protects an unlimited amount of data stored in a cloud server in conjunction with the QR code. With “unique encryption” that does not require an encryption key, encrypted electronic data can be decoded and managed using only a QR code (AQR code) and a smartphone. Recently, there have been many phishing scams in which the website looks exactly the same as the official website, but when the wallet is connected, all the assets held by the user are stolen. By accessing the URL in the AQR, it is possible to check whether the AQR code that the device has just read is legitimate or not, which is useful to avoid scams.

*Further information on AQR technology can be found on the website of A・T Communications Co., Ltd.

NFC is an international standard for near-field communication technology that enables communication by having devices close together at about 10 cm. It is easy to understand if you imagine a system that enables payment by simply touching an IC card on devices when using trains, buses, or convenience stores.

This will allow people to enjoy a smooth and innovative crossover between the real and the virtual.

Next, on the financial side, PREMA has partnered with Samurai Guild Games (SamuraiGG), an NFT game guild community, to expand PREMA’s community. A guild means “an association of tradesmen and merchants. In the gaming world, a guild means a group of multiple players who join together as a collective organization to gain an advantage in growth and to communicate with other players. In NFTs, a game guild means an organization that supports newcomers to the video game in a broad definition, lending them items necessary for playing the game and allowing them to exchange opinions. Famous NFT game guilds include Yield Guild Games, which has raised $22.4 million in funding.

SamuraiGG has collaborated with famous IPs such as “Gensokishi Online”, and is the first game guild in Japan that is expected to expand further in the future. It does not have a long history yet since it was launched on 1st April 2022. SamuraiGG may be attractive since even game players who haven’t started BCGs can easily join.

People can join SamuraiGG by joining the Discord channel (free of charge). Because a scholarship system has been introduced for the members to lend and borrow NFTs necessary in the BCGs, the participants can start BCGs without the initial investment risk of purchasing NFTs for BCGs, which is common in many BCGs.

Thus, with PREMA, anyone can easily start a BCG game without worrying about UX aspects and financial obstacles, which are stumbling blocks for many people. Through PIAS, players can contribute to society by solving the coming food shortage issue, giving returns to the agriculture industry, and so on.

By participating in the video game and guild, people can not only move smoothly between the real and virtual worlds but can also give returns to the real world in the form of goods. Video games and electronic commerce (EC) have dominated our society for ages, but if PREMA encompasses all of the above functions and enables crossover between real life and virtual life, it is likely that PREMA will soon become an essential part of our lives.

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