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5 min readMar 12, 2023


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In recent years, NFTs have been used in various ways worldwide. Among them, “membership NFTs” are becoming mainstream.

In March 2022, Tiger Being launched the first travel club in Asia utilizing NFTs for memberships.

The real and digital worlds are connected by cryptocurrency, members can access special travel products such as hotels, airlines, and private yachts using NFT passes. Members, the NFT holders, are eligible to stay at hotels in Hong Kong reserved for them for extended periods, private sailing experiences, and so on.

In the U.S., NFT tickets have been introduced for some games of the Professional American Football League (NFL). Along with the tickets, fans are also offered digital gifts.

Photo by Sudan Ouyang on Unsplash

In April 2022, Travel X and Air Europa held the world’s first NFT airline ticket auction, where one ticket was bought at an unprecedented price of $1 million.

One of the unique aspects of NFTs is that people can sell and buy it as secondary distribution in marketplaces. NFT holders can sell tickets they no longer need. When it comes to NFT airflight tickets, the data cannot be tampered with due to the characteristics of blockchain technology, and all transactions will be recorded. The buyer can exchange or modify the ticket, sell it to someone else, or change the passenger’s name. The problem with digital assets before NFTs was that they could be easily copied, making it difficult to identify who owned the assets accurately. Thus, it was hard to use digital assets for memberships or passports. However, the NFTs, as the name implies, are one-of-a-kind assets and can be utilized for memberships since all data is stored on the blockchain, proving them secure and legitimate.


Many of the blockchain game innovations happened in recent years were sports simulation games targeting their fans, and PREMA has also launched “The JUDO COLLECA (The JUDO DIGITAL CARD)”, sports NFTs with the latest technology.

PREMA is both a marketplace and a wallet service. Access privileges and payment settings on the PREMA marketplace can be controlled utilizing NFT memberships, which enables providing products and services to members quickly. Additionally, if a member buys a membership NFT in the PREMA Marketplace and then no longer needs to keep it, they can resell or give it to someone else on PREMA. For example, in the past, when golf memberships were sold and bought, it required a complicated process, from the negotiation of the price between the seller and buyer to the membership admission procedures. The transaction needed to be made by cash or check only, which did not align with the trend. There were also additional fees for name transfer. These are where blockchain technology can be introduced through PREMA.

PREMA’s blockchain technology would bring unprecedentedly smooth transactions to the membership process. All the cumbersome transactions between a wallet and a marketplace can be easily completed using PREMA.

Here, we will a little deviate from the topic. There is a project called “LinksDAO”, which is a global golf and NFT project.

LinksDAO is a community of golf enthusiasts who aim to raise funds to purchase golf courses. At first glance, the group sounds like a typical country club, but it adopts a DAO mechanism that gives members the right to vote using blockchain. DAO stands for “Decentralized Autonomous Organization. In DAO, there is no central operator, and all members can make decisions for the organization, not a particular person, but everyone, no matter what their age, nationality, and gender are. Members of a DAO are entitled to make decisions in the organization by holding “governance tokens” used in the DAO, and this works based on “a smart contract,” which is a digitally, automatically executable contract.

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And many organizations in Japan have adopted the DAO mechanism, and one of them is Samurai Guild Games (hereafter SamuraiGG), a blockchain gaming guild. SamuraiGG is a P&E (Play and Earn) gaming guild and a platform that works with an information-sharing community to support beginners.

Since SamuraiGG adopts the DAO mechanism, its guild members work together to make decisions. Because of this, SamuralGG’s decision-making is highly transparent. Furthermore, it is improbable that members at the top of the top-down hierarchy structure take dishonest actions and disadvantage guild members at the bottom.

We plan to launch various products and services in the future, including a primary industry video game. We are also exploring the further expansion of our NFT membership beyond the typical membership function.

We will soon see a future where the physical and digital worlds are connected systematically, and people move smoothly between these places.

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