“Japanese Comedians Collectable Card” 4th Edition Release!

4 min readMar 7, 2023

The cards will go on sale on March 24, 2023 (Friday). Also, collaboration project at the commercial complex!

Japanese Comedians Collectable Card 4th Edition will be released on Friday, March 24, 2023.

The Japanese Comedians Collectable Card features popular young comedians from the Tokyo area and Osaka and was first released as paper cards in 2019.

Starting with the second edition in 2020, NFT digital cards were released simultaneously. The collectible cards were sold as a set of 5 paper cards + 1 card with QR for downloading, and from the third series, the product was renamed and released in 2022. A total of 300,000 packs (1.8 million cards) of paper Collectable Cards were sold, and together with 550,000 Japanese Comedians Collectable Cards, a total of 2.35 million cards were sold.

“Japanese Comedians Collectable Card smartphone app has been updated and now offers limited-edition digital collectable cards. “

The app allows users to purchase, exchange, and enjoy secondary trading of digital cards. The proceeds from secondary trading, excluding commissions, will be distributed to the comedians as well. The fourth edition has a playback button on the video to enhance operability.

The first-ever “SPEC Card” is a must-see digital collectable card that shows a full 360 degrees for the first time!

Product Outline

Product Name: Japanese Comedians Collectable Card 4th Edition (paper card)

Japanese Comedians Collectable Card 4th Edition (paper card)

Price: 1 pack (6 cards) 660JPY including tax, 1 box (12 packs) 7,920JPY including tax *There are 4 types of packs.

[Types of Cards]

Regular cards: Triple shot, Funny card, Glasses card

Rare cards: Yell card, Art card, Magazine card

Ultra-rare cards: Host card, Samurai card

Sold at Comedian’s Goods Shops in Japan (Comedian’s Goods Shop WEB)

Product name: Japanese Comedians Collectable Card (digital card)

Japanese Comedians Collectable Card (digital card)

Price: 1 pack (3 cards) 660JPY including tax, 1 pack (6 cards) 1,100JPY including tax

1 box of 12 packs (72 cards) 13,200JPY including tax

[Types of Cards]

Regular cards: Triple shot cards, Funny cards, Glasses cards

Rare cards: Yell cards, Magazine cards, SPEC cards

Ultra-rare cards: Host card, Samurai card

Sold in the “Japanese Comedians Collectable Card” app.

Japanese Comedians Collectable Card is an NFT card that uses the latest blockchain technology.

PREMA Project is managing the development and operation of the system.

Japanese Comedians Collectable Card” official website

Features of Digital Card

  • When you press the play button, the card moves and starts talking! You can enjoy the exclusive video clips of the comedians that you can only see on this card.
  • The cards are one-of-a-kind digital trading cards with serial numbers and proof of ownership.
  • Users can trade, buy and sell the cards within the card market so that they can collect their favorite comedian’s cards among themselves.

*The Japanese Comedians Collectable Card currently on sale will be discontinued with the start of sales of the “Japanese Comedians Collectable Card 4th Edition”. Details will be announced on the official website.

Japanese Comedians Collectable Card x Commercial complex Collaboration Project

To celebrate the release of “Japanese Comedians Collectable Card 4th Edition,” a collaborative project with the commercial complex has been announced!

The “Japanese Comedians Collectable Card Exhibition” will be held at the commercial complex, where you can enjoy the “Japanese Comedians Collectable Card” decorations, past collectible cards, making-of videos, and more.

From the day of the “Japanese Comedians Collectable Card 4th Edition” release (March 24), costumes and props used in the filming of the 4th collectible card will also be on display. The “Japanese Comedians Collectable Card in the commercial complex” ambassadors will make special announcements inside the plaza, and visitors who make purchases at any store will receive a limited edition of the “Japanese Comedians Collectable Card” (20 kinds in total, one at random). The event will also include a sticker printing machine with Japanese Comedians Collectable Card designs and many other fun activities!

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